DetonatioN FocusMe


9月1日よりPro eSports TeamであるDetonatioNは全ての部門の選手に対して、毎月活動資金を提供することを発表致します。


2015年2月よりフルタイム・給与制となったDetonatioN FocusMeに続き、全所属選手に対して初の定期的な活動資金提供となります。


DetonatioN CEO 梅崎 伸幸よりご挨拶



DetoantioN will provide funds to all gametitles and players monthly

We are glad to announce that from Speptember 1th , pro eSpports Team DetopnatioN are going to provide the funds to all of the players from each tytles.

*But, there is an activity condition.

It’ll be the first periodic activity offer of funds to all belonging players followingFrom 2015 February DetonatioN FocusMe became a full time/salary.

In the future DetonatioN will enforce the things above to all of the gametitles and players and live up eSports culture with the players.

The greeting from DetonatioN CEO Nobuyuki Umezaki

I am very glad that we are announcing this.
From now on players need to acknowlegde how they act as a Pro-Player and need to know their responsibility.
To win at worlds we need to be as one big group. We, including staff members, will try our best, and work hard to achieve this.

So, please cheer and support for us.
Thank you very much.