[BF4] DtN BYCM – Looking for scrim partners!

In order to continue to evolve and perform in a better way our BattleField4 team, DtN BYCM, is looking for foreign team (ie. not Japanese) to play against.

If you’re actually competiting in a foreign league and want to share experience with an Asia top team please contact us through the Facebook page of Team DetonatioN or Twitter!

*BATTLEFIELD4チーム・DtN BYCMでは、スクリムをしてくださる海外の対戦チームを募集しております。DetonatioN-FacebookまたはTwitterまでご連絡ください。

BYCM Matching Record:

  • 6th June, 2015 ESL – BF4 5on5 Asia Cup #1 Winner
  • ESL Asia – BF4 5on5 Asia Cup Winner
  • ESL Asia – Go4BF4 #9 Winner
  • ESL EU – Go4BF4 Monthly Ranking top 12
  • JCG Master Class #1-#3, #5-8 Winner