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Japanese Professional PUBG Team “DetonatioN Gaming White” Recruitment

We are looking for a new member of the team “DetonatioN Gaming White“,
currently competing in the world championships, in the popular battle royale game “PUBG”.
We are waiting for applications from those who can work hard to challenge the world with current players, coaches and analysts.

Application Requirements

If you are applying for this section, please see below.

Essential Condition

Those who

  • can work full-time.
  • are prepared to be professional gamers.
  • can interact in Japanese or willing to learn after joining the team.
  • can take social responsibility as a player belonging to DetonatioN Gaming.
  • can use PC peripherals (mouse, mouse pad, keyboard, headset, etc.) of our sponsor products.
  • can travel abroad (those who can obtain a passport).
  • have participated in PUBG tournaments in the past and have a track record.
  • have no experience of cheating such as using cheat macro tools in the past.
  • can stream on OPENREC.tv.

Treatment example

  • Enough salary to live every month
    *We will inform you about the amount as the selection progresses.
  • Provision of goods such as team uniforms and hoodies.
  • Preparation of means of transportation and accommodation for domestic and overseas travel in team activities
    * Travel and accommodation expenses will be covered by the team.
  • Supply of PC devices, monitors and sponsor-related products are negotiable
  • Other treatments will be discussed if necessary.


If you are applying by mobile email, please make sure that you can receive the e-mail from sun-gence.co.jp domain.
* If you have not received any e-mail from our team after applying, there is a possibility that your e-mail address is incorrect or you cannot receive it.
* If the email is returned as an error, we will contact you via Twitter DM etc., but if you do not reply, we will delete the entry.
* E-mail may be sent to the spam folder. If you apply, please check spam folder on a regular basis.

Selection flow

  1. Document review
  2. Interview with DetonatioN Gaming CEO
  3. Practical examination *1
  4. Recruitment offer / Signing the contract *2

*1 We will contact you separately regarding the details of the practical examination.
*2 At the time of concluding the contract, if you are not older than 20, you may be asked for a consent form from your parents (guardiansetc.).

Each selection will be made as things progresses.

Application method

Please use the Google form to apply for this application. Please refer to below and follow the guide.
(Those marked with * are required)

  • player name(*)
  • Steam ID (*)
  • email address(*)
  • email address confirmation (*)
  • URL of your character in OP.gg or DAK.gg (*)
  • Age (*)
  • Location (country) (*)
  • Current occupation (*)
  • Your Twitter account ID (*)
  • Your Discord ID (*)
  • Is it possible to work full-time (*)
  • If you answered that it is possible above, please describe the days and times when you can practice. (*)
  • Team history at PUBG (*)
  • PUBG tournament results (*)
  • Other game achievements (*)
  • What do you want to aim for by joining DetonatioN Gaming (up to 250 words) (*)
  • Application consent, application cancellation (*)
form here
Application deadline March 31, 2021 (Wednesday) 23:59 JP Time

*DetonatioN Gaming does not recruit or collect information other than the above Google form URL. Please note similar pages.
*DetonatioN Gaming does not collect personal information (real name, phone number, address details, date of birth) in the above Google form URL.
*In DetonatioN Gaming, we cannot be held responsible even if you enter personal information in a form other than the above Google form URL. Please check your answer in advance before entering.


If you have any questions regarding this application, you can also use the direct message on DetonatioN Gaming’s official Twitter account.
In addition, this contact will be made by email of DetonatioN Gaming.
If you have refused to receive PC mail or set spam mail, please check your e-mail settings to receive the sun-gence.co.jp domain and your junk folder.